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There are different types of real estate procedures, please find here some. If you have doubts or want to know about something not listed here please contact us.

Services I Offer

Property Due Diligence

I verify the existence of the property in Panama Public Registry, the owners. And all related to the property.

Real Estate Contracts or Agreements

The conditions established in a contract will determine the course of the process.
Let me advise you and review every aspect of the document you wish to prepare or sign.

Transfer Taxes and Minutes (Public Deed)

There are listing of documents require to sign a Public Deed. If you want to know about this. Or just want me to help you with some, let me know.

Legal Advise

Do you need to know more about a real estate process?

Are you planning on buying a property or business and want to know, what do you need to know, what are the risks, or information related to taxes? Please contact me I will give you an honest legal opinion.


Do you see something you like, or a property to invest, and don´t want to negotiate directly? I do it in your behalf, Always on your best interest.

Asset Protection

If you want to protect your investment or property, I can present  you different options or estuctures to protect your business.


Additional Services

Panama Corporations

We can incorporate Panamanian companies within 48 hours, once the due diligence is completed.
Panama corporations are not only for business purposes, but are also a means of asset protection.

Panama Foundations

Most of the Panama Foundations are use as a way to protect assets.

Do you want to know how? Let me know



A real estate could be use of a way to obtain an Immigration procedure. 

Our maybe you want to know your options in case you want to apply for a residency. 

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