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We are boutique law firm, specialized in
Business, Immigration and Real EstateI Investemts.

Our main goal its to provide our clients with all the legal information related to your real estate investment. 

What Can We Do For You?

We can provide you with all type of legal services related to a real estate investment in Panama.

We can help you have a safe investement.

Property Due Diligence

Are you planning on buying or selling a property, Do you want to know all the elements related to the property such as: taxes, exemptions, encumbrances, mortgage? Or you just want to confirm the owners of the property?, pease contact us so we can obtain the information.

Real Estate Contracts or Agreements

Do you want us to analyze an agreement for you? You are not sure about some clauses? Or you want us to prepare an agreement ? Please contact us before signing any document. Let me help you  understand all the implications of the document you are about to sign.

Transfer Taxes and Minutes (Public Deed)

Let me help you with all the details related to a property sale of buy.

Legal Advise

Do you need to know more about a real estate process?

Are you planning on buying a property or business and want to know, what do you need to know, what are the risks, or information related to taxes? Please contact me I will give you an honest legal opinion.,


Are you in the middle of tough negotiation? Let me help you. 

Asset Protection

There are different structures to use to protect your assets in Panama; Corporations or Panama Foundations. Corporations are not only use for commerce, it can be use to protect some assets, do you want to know how? Do you know how  to use Panama Foundations?


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Why do I need to do a Property Due Diligence?

It is very important to verify if the person that is seeling you the property is the owner.

Do you also want to to know if it has a mortage, encumbraces or liens.

How many things I need to consider once I decided to buy or sell a property?

Some are:

1. To do  property due diligence.

2. To sign a Promisory Purchase Agreement.

3.If you are the seller, need to pay the 2% transfer taxes, and the 3% of revenue tax over real estate. 

4. Sale Minute sign by an Attorney at Law. 

How much are the real estate taxes and when do I have to pay?

It all depends if it is a family residence or a second residency.

It goes from 0.5% until 1%.

The total amount yearly its paid by April 31st, August 31st, December 31st.

Frequently asked questions

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